Who is Pam?

About Me

My parents bought the family farm where I currently live in 1960.  My brother continues to farm and manage the operation of the land.  I was born in Gardner and educated in the Gardner-Edgerton Schools. 

When I finished High School, I attended Baker University where I received my Bachelor's Degree and Emporia State University graduating with my Master's Degree.  I have worked in public education for 30 years. I have worked in the middle school, high school, and college settings. 

In addition to working as a teacher and counselor, I have also served as a coach, sponsor to various groups, and homebound teacher (working with students that could not attend school due to health issues). 


I have also worked as a counselor in private practice.  During this time, I helped to establish a support group dealing with marital issues, that received national attention.  Requests came from television talk shows, radio programs, and newspapers/magazines wanting to learn more the group.  I traveled to New York several times to be a guest on various shows, which included The Today Show, The Phil Donahue Show, Good Morning America and various others. 

Traveling and meeting new people is a favorite activity.  I have been to 18 different countries and several islands in the Bahamas.  When a friend was moving to Kansas from Alaska, I was fortunate to accompany her on the drive, which included traveling the Alaskan Highway.  It was an exciting and fun (and also long) trip. 

I continue to maintain my counseling license and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Previously I have been a National Certified Counselor and have taken training to be a National Disaster Counselor. 

Family is important to me.  I have been the caregiver for both my Grandmother and Mother. I am the very proud aunt of two nieces and three great-nieces.  Often I can be heard saying, "I love my nieces to pieces!" 

Hard work does not scare or intimidate me.  I would consider it an honor to work for you as your Kansas House Representative. 



KANSAS TEACHERS ARE HEROES! Heroes are those who undertake highly specialized jobs that enrich and better our society. Our military are heroes. Firefighters, police and medical personnel are heroes. Heroes are noble and courageous souls. When Kansas supports its teachers, it supports the youth of Kansas - past, present and future. Kansas schools need better funding to provide classrooms with updated equipment, books and supplies. And never overlook our qualified, heroic teachers. In turn, Kansas will thrive. That includes the wonderful children of our state.


I WILL FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF KANSAS WOMEN! That includes women exercising their freedom to choose the outcome of a pregnancy. Years ago, when I was a graduate student, part of my practicum was performing pregnancy tests and counseling clients. For women not wanting to be pregnant, there were often tears of fear and sorrow when test results were positive. If these same women are forced to have an unwanted child, the results could be dire. Until we have walked in their shoes, it is the individual woman who must make her own choice.


I WILL NOT TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS! There was always a gun in the home as I grew up on our Edgerton farm. That said, I firmly believe responsibility is needed by those who sell as well as by those who own guns. Current gun laws must be enforced. Law abiding Kansans should have no fear of losing their guns or Second Amendment rights.

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